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The Easy Way to Write Short Stories That Sell – The VIDEO Course  is meticulously researched and prepared with the utmost care. All of the topics and subtopics are scientifically organised, taking into account the learner’s psychology and overall experience. All of the modules are bite-sized,  audiovisual, simple to comprehend and interactive.

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Why Study This Digital Marketing Full Complete Course?

This Digital Marketing Full Complete Course will broaden your knowledge and add valuable skills to your resume. There are no set deadlines or instructional schedules so you can go at your own pace. You are free to study at your own speed, but to obtain the certificate; you must pass the assessment test or project. (Note: Some of our online courses do not have any MCQ examinations or assessments. We can add an assessment on request.) Our online learning platform can be accessed from any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, which will be used to deliver the course. The best part is that because this course is video-based, you may pause it whenever you want to take your notes.

Why Study with the Academy of Skills?

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Will I Receive A Certificate of Completion for Digital Marketing Full Complete Course ?

Yes, after completion of this course, you will be able to request a certificate of completion from the Academy of Skills. You can order the certificate with our secure payment system. Use the link at the bottom of this page to order the Certificate. An exclusive discount is offered for pre-orders.

You can request for PDF Certificate, PDF Transcript, Hardcopy Certificate and Hardcopy Transcript after successfully completing the course. We offer Free UK Shipping for all Hardcopy orders. Visit the Certificate order page (https://academyofskills.org/certificate-transcript/) to purchase/claim your certificate.


  • There is no formal entry requirement.
  • A desire to learn
  • A PC or mobile device

Course Curriculum

Sales Funnels
What is a Sales Funnel? 00:03:00
Why ALL Businesses Need Sales Funnels 00:06:00
3 Phases of a Highly Converting Sales Funnel 00:04:00
The 4 Sales Funnel Stages 00:05:00
Macro and Micro Conversions 00:04:00
What is Market Sophistication 00:01:00
The 5 Stages of Market Sophistication 00:06:00
Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel 00:03:00
The Perfect Simple 3 Step Local Business Sales Funnel 00:06:00
The Perfect Simple 4 Step Digital Products Sales Funnel 00:05:00
How to Create The Perfect Lead Magnet 00:05:00
Landing Page Design Walkthrough 00:15:00
Landing Page Design Elements 00:08:00
Different Types of Sales Funnels 00:12:00
Key Sales Funnel Metrics 00:05:00
Lead Generation Machine
How To Create Your Business Development Plan 00:05:00
Understanding Organizational Hierarchy 00:05:00
Defining Your Ideal Customer 00:05:00
The Sales Process Overview 00:05:00
Differences Between Goals, Objectives _ Outcomes 00:04:00
How To Properly Set Goals 00:07:00
Cold Email Lead Generation System 00:07:00
How To Find Companies To Email 00:23:00
Where To Find Bulk Company Email Lists 00:07:00
How To Hire Email List Providers on Upwork 00:09:00
How Setup Your CRM For Lead Tracking 00:15:00
How To Write Emails That Convert 00:17:00
Cold Email Personalization Strategies 00:09:00
Best Questions To Ask With Emails 00:03:00
Email Guidelines To Follow 00:08:00
How To Find Anyone_s Email 00:18:00
Good Prospect vs Bad Prospect 00:07:00
Best Email Responses 00:07:00
Cold Email Templates That Generate Results 00:12:00
How To Schedule Calendar Appointments 00:04:00
Booking Software Walkthrough 00:12:00
Email Automation Walkthrough 00:09:00
Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads Overview 00:14:00
The Ultimate Facebook Ads Formula 00:15:00
Advanced Facebook Ads Strategy 00:06:00
The 7 Principles of Influence 00:08:00
The Value Ladder 00:05:00
Digital Marketing KPI’s 00:07:00
Business Manager Overview 00:09:00
Ads Manager Walkthrough 00:13:00
Facebook Pixel Setup Walkthrough 00:08:00
Get Access To Competitor Ads 00:05:00
Facebook Ads Policy 00:04:00
Traffic Campaign Ad Setup 00:13:00
Setting Ad Budget and Schedule 00:05:00
Clicks Campaign To Conversions 00:06:00
Conversion Campaign Ad Setup 00:04:00
Page Post Campaign Setup 00:07:00
Traffic and PPE Ad Stacking 00:09:00
Lead Gen Ads 00:08:00
How To Create Video Ads 00:03:00
Facebook Ads For Ecommerce and Dropshipping 00:09:00
Facebook Audience Research Tool 00:22:00
7 Facebook Copy Templates 00:11:00
Facebook Ads Naming Structure Part 1 00:04:00
Facebook Ads Naming Structure Part 2 00:05:00
Facebook CBO Overview 00:06:00
Facebook Retargeting Overview 00:05:00
Facebook Retargeting Audiences 00:17:00
Creating LAL Audiences 00:04:00
Best Types of Retargeting Audiences 00:05:00
Creating Audiences From Customer List 00:05:00
Secret Way To Unlock Hidden Audiences 00:06:00
Facebook Ad Performance Metrics 00:07:00
Facebook Ad Split Testing 00:05:00
How To Scale Facebook Ads 00:07:00
Facebook ROAS Calculator 00:07:00
Facebook Messenger Chatbots
Facebook Messenger Chatbots Intro 00:11:00
ManyChat Overview 00:11:00
How to Create Main Menu 00:03:00
How to Create Default Reply 00:02:00
How To Create Welcome Message 00:03:00
How To Use Keywords 00:06:00
How To Use Tags 00:11:00
The Bar Growth Tool 00:06:00
Slide In Growth Tool 00:09:00
Modal and Page Overview 00:04:00
Landing Page 00:02:00
Embedable Widgets 00:05:00
How To Use Sequences 00:09:00
Google Ads
Google Ads Overview 00:19:00
Keyword Overview 00:15:00
Campaign Creation 00:20:00
Ads Account 00:08:00
Tools and Settings 00:05:00
Tools and Settings 00:05:00
Advanced KW Research 00:08:00
Setting Up Google Ad Extensions 00:07:00
How To Install Google Analytics 00:05:00
Copywriting Mastery 00:30:00
Keyword Optimization 00:04:00
Remarketing 00:09:00
Cost Calculator 00:08:00
Google SEO
SEO Blueprint Intro 00:17:00
What is SEO 00:02:00
SEO vs Paid Ads 00:05:00
Google Algorithm 00:07:00
Number 1 Ranking Factor 00:07:00
2 Ranking Factor 00:03:00
3 Ranking Factor 00:04:00
4 Ranking Factor 00:04:00
5 Ranking Factor 00:01:00
Types of Search Intent 00:03:00
Keyword Research 00:05:00
Advanced Keyword Research 00:44:00
Competitive Analysis 00:18:00
Website Structure 00:04:00
On-Page Optimization 00:04:00
Advanced On-Page SEO 00:17:00
Page Title and URL Structure 00:07:00
Where To Get Content 00:02:00
Brand Building Foundational Links 00:03:00
Where To Get High-Quality Links 00:04:00
National SEO 00:05:00
Local SEO 00:43:00
Google Map Ranking 00:03:00
Linkedin Marketing
Linkedin Walkthrough 00:13:00
Linkedin Marketing Solutions 00:09:00
How To Create Linkedin Company Pages 00:08:00
Linkedin Groups 00:05:00
How To Create A Killer Profile That Converts 00:04:00
How To Create A Headline That Gets You Noticed 00:03:00
How To Write a Compelling Profile Summary 00:03:00
How To Find Leads on Linkedin 00:10:00
Linkedin Lead Generation System Walkthrough 00:04:00
3 Step Linkedin Sales Funnel Indirect Method 00:07:00
3 Step Linkedin Sales Funnel Indirect Method 00:07:00
3 Step Linkedin Semi-Direct Method 00:09:00
Linkedin Basic Search 00:05:00
Linkedin Sales Navigator Overview 00:04:00
How To Get Instant Credibility 00:04:00
The Magic Sales Formula Linkedin 00:15:00
How To Get FREE Leads Sent To Your Inbox 00:03:00
Web Design Profits
The Web Design Agency Biz 00:07:00
Web Design vs Web Development 00:04:00
2 Main Types of Web Design 00:05:00
Additional Services You Can Sell 00:07:00
Upsell Services Outsourcing Resource 00:12:00
Most Common Website Builders 00:05:00
Where To Find Done For You Websites 00:12:00
Secret Tool That Builds Websites in 10 Seconds! 00:09:00
How To Position Yourself As The Expert Web Designer 00:05:00
Best Places To Find Web Design Clients 00:12:00
How To Get Clients From Facebook 00:04:00
Website Pricing and Packaging 00:10:00
Project Management Tools 00:03:00
Delivering The Site 00:04:00
WordPress for Beginners
WordPress Course Intro 00:03:00
Buying Domain 00:01:00
Where To Buy Hosting 00:01:00
Setup Hosting Nameservers 00:01:00
How To Install WordPress 00:02:00
WordPress Settings Optimization 00:03:00
WordPress Widgets Walkthrough 00:01:00
WordPress Posts and Media 00:01:00
WordPress Marketing Agency Theme 00:07:00
Local Business Theme Install 00:01:00
Install Free Website Builder 00:01:00
WordPress Plumber Business Theme Walkthrough 00:02:00
Update Homepage Setting 00:01:00
Setup Menu 00:02:00
How To Edit Your Website With Elementor 00:04:00
Elementor Elements Walkthrough 00:02:00
Contact Form 00:01:00
Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Pages 00:02:00
Setup Footer Menu 00:02:00
Yoast SEO On-Page Optimization 00:03:00
Page Title Optimization 00:05:00
Advanced WordPress SEO On Page SEO 00:20:00
Advanced WordPress On-Page SEO 00:17:00
Video Marketing
Different Types of Marketing Videos 00:06:00
2 Main Types of Video Marketing Projects 00:04:00
The Video Marketing Agency Business Model 00:04:00
Where To Find Outsourced Video Creators 00:13:00
Position Yourself As The Expert Video Creator 00:06:00
Best Places To Find Clients 00:07:00
Additional Services You Can Provide 00:03:00
Upsell Services Outsourcing Resource 00:12:00
Pricing Videos 00:19:00
How To Collect Payments 00:06:00
Best Video Creation Tool Walkthrough 00:10:00
Most Common Video Creation Tools 00:06:00
Digital Marketing Consulting
Introduction to Consulting Business Course 00:03:00
What Services Do Consultants Offer 00:04:00
3 Types of Consultants 00:06:00
3 Must Haves For Profitable Consulting Businesses 00:05:00
Generalist vs specialist 00:05:00
How To Identify Your Ideal Client 00:11:00
The Mindset of Your Ideal Client 00:07:00
Best Places To Find Clients 00:07:00
What is Consulting 00:05:00
Consulting Deliverables 00:04:00
The Magic Sales Formula Consulting 00:15:00
Establishing Your Profitable Niche 00:08:00
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Intro 00:01:00
5 Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint 00:16:00
How To use Google Trends 00:13:00
Clickbank for Beginners 00:05:00
CB Engine 00:03:00
Commission Junction 00:02:00
JV Zoo 00:02:00
Rakuten 00:02:00
Offer Vault Walkthrough 00:03:00
Ring Partner 00:02:00
Thrive Marketplace 00:02:00
CPA Marketing 00:04:00
Facebook Credit Repair Example 00:04:00
How To Find Lead Magnets 00:03:00
How To Get Free Traffic 00:05:00
Facebook Ad Creation 00:07:00
Woodworking Facebook Ad 00:08:00
Woodworking Facebook Page Example 00:05:00
FB ads Solar Example 00:06:00
Facebook Groups Affiliate Marketing 00:05:00
Clickfunnels Landing Page Builder 00:04:00
Youtube Affiliate Marketing 00:04:00
How To Get FREE Traffic With Quora 00:13:00
UDIMI Paid Traffic Source 00:05:00
Digital Marketing Sales
Introduction to Sales Mastery Course 00:33:00
The Image of Salespeople 00:04:00
The Meaning of Selling 00:04:00
Understanding The Value of What You’re Selling 00:04:00
Fixed vs Growth Mindset 00:04:00
The Power of Intention 00:06:00
The Power of Knowing Oneself 00:05:00
How To Build Unstoppable Confidence 00:07:00
Creating Your Circle of Excellence 00:06:00
The Foundations of Rapport 00:07:00
The 5 Key Elements of Rapport 00:08:00
How To Ask The Right Questions 00:11:00
Secret Technique To Build Instant Rapport 00:06:00
9 Truths of Selling 00:12:00
4 Stages of a Sale 00:03:00
The 4 Step Sales Framework Overview 00:05:00
The 4 Step Sales Framework Questions 00:11:00
2 Types of Objections 00:06:00
The Secret Weapon For Objections 00:05:00
2 Ways To Easily Overcome Objections 00:09:00
The Rules of Closing 00:08:00
6 Fundamentals of Closing 00:05:00
5 Step Closing Process 00:04:00
Closing Technique #1 00:03:00
Closing Technique #2 00:03:00
Closing Technique #3 00:03:00
25 Ways To Ask For The Sale 00:06:00

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