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Course Description

The Ultimate PHP & MySQL Web Development Course & OOP Coding teaches the most effective technique to understand the subject thoroughly. This course is taught by top industry experts and academic professionals. Enrol our top online courses now for a super discounted price.

Ultimate PHP & MySQL Web Development Course & OOP Coding is meticulously researched and prepared with the utmost care. All of the topics and subtopics are scientifically organised, taking into account the learner’s psychology and overall experience. All of the modules are bite-sized,  audiovisual, simple to comprehend and interactive.

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Why Study This Online Course?

This course will broaden your knowledge and add valuable skills to your resume. There are no set deadlines or instructional schedules so you can go at your own pace. You are free to study at your own speed, but to obtain the certificate; you must pass the assessment test or project. (Note: Some of our online courses do not have any MCQ examinations or assessments. We can add an assessment on request.) Our online learning platform can be accessed from any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, which will be used to deliver the course. The best part is that because this course is video-based, you may pause it whenever you want to take your notes.

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Will I Receive A Certificate of Completion for Ultimate PHP & MySQL Web Development Course & OOP Coding?

Yes, after completion of this course, you will be able to request a certificate of completion from the Academy of Skills. You can order the certificate with our secure payment system. Use the link at the bottom of this page to order the Certificate. An exclusive discount is offered for pre-orders.

You can request for PDF Certificate, PDF Transcript, Hardcopy Certificate and Hardcopy Transcript after successfully completing the course. We offer Free UK Shipping for all Hardcopy orders. Visit the Certificate order page (https://academyofskills.org/certificate-transcript/) to purchase/claim your certificate.


  • There is no formal entry requirement.
  • A desire to learn
  • A PC or mobile device

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:02:00
Setup On Windows 00:16:00
Setup On Mac 00:12:00
Setup On Linux 00:13:00
Online Code Editor 00:03:00
Basic File Syntax 00:05:00
Printing (echo) 00:07:00
Comments 00:06:00
Variables 00:07:00
Variable Data Types 00:08:00
Variable Naming 00:03:00
Constants 00:03:00
Arrays 00:06:00
Associative Arrays 00:06:00
Multidimensional Arrays 00:05:00
if Statement 00:07:00
ifelse Statement 00:02:00
ifelseifelse Statement 00:05:00
Switch Statement 00:06:00
while Loop 00:06:00
do While Loop 00:03:00
for Loop 00:03:00
foreach Loop 00:05:00
Break Statement 00:03:00
Continue Statement 00:02:00
Basic Function 00:03:00
Passing Function Arguments 00:04:00
Passing Function Arguments By Reference 00:04:00
Default Argument Value 00:02:00
Function Returning Values 00:06:00
Dynamic Function Calls 00:03:00
Variable Scope 00:05:00
Simple HTML Form 00:08:00
GET vs POST 00:05:00
$_SERVER(‘PHP_SELF’) 00:07:00
Validating Form Data With PHP 00:07:00
Required Fields _ 00:05:00
Display Error Messages 00:06:00
Validate Name 00:03:00
Validate Email 00:04:00
Validate URL 00:07:00
Keep The Values In The Form 00:04:00
Read File (readfile()) 00:03:00
Open, Read and Close a File (fopen(), fread(), fclose()) 00:04:00
Read Single Line (fgets()) 00:03:00
Check End-Of-File (feof()) 00:02:00
Read Single Character (fgetc()) 00:02:00
Write To File (fwrite()) 00:04:00
Configure php.ini File For File Uploading 00:03:00
Front End HTML Upload Form 00:04:00
PHP Upload Script 00:15:00
Check If File Exists 00:03:00
Limit File Size 00:05:00
Limit File Type 00:04:00
MySQL vs MySQLi vs PDO 00:06:00
Creating a Database and Table (phpMyAdmin) 00:06:00
Connecting to a Database 00:07:00
Get Data Using SELECT Query 00:10:00
WHERE Property For Filtering 00:03:00
LIKE Property For Pattern Search 00:03:00
Sorting Results Using ORDER BY Property 00:02:00
Using JOINS 00:08:00
Insert Data Using INSERT Query 00:05:00
Get ID Of The Last Inserted Row 00:03:00
Insert Multiple Rows 00:06:00
Update Data Using UPDATE Query 00:04:00
Delete Data Using DELETE Query _ i15F028Delete Data Using DELETE Query 00:33:00
Delete All Rows In A Table Using TRUNCATE Query 00:02:00
Delete Table Using DROP Query 00:03:00
Limit Data Selections Using LIMIT, ROWNUM 00:05:00
Create Table Using CREATE Query 00:04:00
Clone/Duplicate Table 00:04:00
Alter Table 00:05:00
Create Database 00:02:00
Drop Database 00:02:00
SQL Injection and Prepared Statements 00:10:00
What Is XML? 00:03:00
What Is SimpleXML? 00:03:00
Parse XML String 00:08:00
Parse XML File 00:02:00
Get Node Values 00:03:00
Get Node Values of Specific Elements 00:04:00
Get Node Values – Loop 00:03:00
Get Attribute Values 00:03:00
What Is The XML Expat Parser? 00:02:00
Initializing The XML Expat Parser 00:10:00
Load and Output XML Using DOM Parser 00:02:00
Looping Through XML Using DOM Parser _ i15F028 00:04:00
What Is AJAX? 00:02:00
Load Simple Data Using AJAX Front End _ i15F028 00:09:00
Load Simple Data Using AJAX Back End 00:06:00
Load Data From A Database Using AJAX 00:09:00
Send A Plain Text Email 00:04:00
Send A HTML Email 00:06:00
Email Attachments 00:17:00
PHPMailer Setup 00:03:00
Send Email Using PHPMailer 00:05:00
Send HTML Email Using PHPMailer 00:04:00
Email Attachments Using PHPMailer _ 00:03:00
What Is Object Oriented Programming (OOP)? 00:04:00
Basic Class With Variables 00:05:00
Functions 00:05:00
Constructor 00:05:00
Destructor 00:03:00
Inheritance 00:07:00
Multi Class Inheritance 00:03:00
Function Overriding 00:03:00
Public vs Private vs Protected 00:05:00
Interfaces 00:05:00
Constants 00:03:00
Abstract Class 00:06:00
Static Keyword _ 00:03:00
Final Keyword 00:03:00
Initiating Parent Contructor 00:03:00
die() Function 00:03:00
Custom Error Handler 00:05:00
Triggering An Exception 00:03:00
Exception Handling 00:05:00
Create Database and Table 00:05:00
User Class and Database Connection 00:16:00
Register User Form 00:09:00
Inserting User Data Into Database 00:11:00
Registation Form Field Validation 00:13:00
Securing User Password 00:04:00
Check If Username or Email Already Exists 00:11:00
Retain Data After Failed Registration 00:04:00
Validate an Integer Within a Range 00:05:00
Validate IPv6 Address 00:03:00
Validate URL – Must Contain QueryString 00:03:00
Remove Characters With ASCII Value > 127 00:04:00
Including and Requiring External PHP Files 00:05:00

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