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The Microsoft Excel from Basic to Masterclass teaches the most effective technique to understand the subject thoroughly. This course is taught by top industry experts and academic professionals. Enrol our top online courses now for a super discounted price.

Microsoft Excel from Basic to Masterclass is meticulously researched and prepared with the utmost care. All of the topics and subtopics are scientifically organised, taking into account the learner’s psychology and overall experience. All of the modules are bite-sized,  audiovisual, simple to comprehend and interactive.

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Why Study This Online Course?

This course will broaden your knowledge and add valuable skills to your resume. There are no set deadlines or instructional schedules so you can go at your own pace. You are free to study at your own speed, but to obtain the certificate; you must pass the assessment test or project. (Note: Some of our online courses do not have any MCQ examinations or assessments. We can add an assessment on request.) Our online learning platform can be accessed from any internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, which will be used to deliver the course. The best part is that because this course is video-based, you may pause it whenever you want to take your notes.

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Will I Receive A Certificate of Completion for Microsoft Excel from Basic to Masterclass?

Yes, after completion of this course, you will be able to request a certificate of completion from the Academy of Skills. You can order the certificate with our secure payment system. Use the link at the bottom of this page to order the Certificate. An exclusive discount is offered for pre-orders.

You can request for PDF Certificate, PDF Transcript, Hardcopy Certificate and Hardcopy Transcript after successfully completing the course. We offer Free UK Shipping for all Hardcopy orders. Visit the Certificate order page (https://academyofskills.org/certificate-transcript/) to purchase/claim your certificate.


  • There is no formal entry requirement.
  • A desire to learn
  • A PC or mobile device

Course Curriculum

Excel from A-Z Course Introduction
Excel from A-Z Course Section Overview 00:04:00
What is Microsoft Excel? 00:05:00
Who is This Course For 00:04:00
Microsoft Excel Marketplace 00:05:00
Excel Job Opportunities 00:03:00
Excel Job Types 00:04:00
Getting Started with Excel
Finding and Opening Microsoft Excel 00:02:00
Excel’s Start Screen 00:04:00
Explaining the Excel Interface 00:03:00
Excel Interface Continued 00:02:00
Excel Workbook vs Excel Worksheet 00:03:00
Saving and Opening Excel Documents 00:04:00
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 00:03:00
Customizing the Excel Ribbon 00:04:00
Excel Shortcut Keys 00:02:00
Values, Referencing and Formulas
Creating Excel Labels 00:03:00
Entering Numeric Data in Excel 00:04:00
Formatting Date Values in Excel 00:06:00
Building Basic Formulas in Excel 00:05:00
Order of Operation 00:07:00
Relative vs Absolute Cell References 00:08:00
Intro to Excel Functions
Excel Functions Explained 00:03:00
The DSUM() Function 00:08:00
The MIN() and MAX() Function 00:04:00
The AVERAGE() Function 00:03:00
COUNT() Functions 00:05:00
Adjusting Excel Worksheets
Moving and Copying Data 00:07:00
Insert and Delete Rows/Columns 00:06:00
Adjusting the Width and Height of Cells 00:05:00
Hiding and Unhiding Excel Rows and Columns 00:05:00
Renaming Moving and Deleting Excel Worksheets 00:06:00
Adding Protection to Specific Cells 00:05:00
Protecting the Structure of a Workbook 00:03:00
Adding a Workbook Password to Open File 00:03:00
Visually Pleasing Cell Formatting
Formatting Fonts and Cell Background Color 00:05:00
Adding Cell Borders 00:05:00
Formatting Data Appropriately 00:06:00
The Magic Behind Excel’s Format Painter 00:04:00
Creating Styles for Formatting Efficiency 00:06:00
Merging Cells for a Cleaner Look 00:04:00
The Power of Conditional Formatting 00:07:00
How to Insert Images and Shapes
Grab Users Attention using Illustrations 00:09:00
Customizing Icons 00:05:00
Create Compelling Graphics with SmartArt 00:06:00
Visualize Data with Charts
The Commonly Used Column Chart 00:03:00
Changing the Chart Design 00:02:00
Formatting Elements of a Chart 00:07:00
Modifying the Data Type and Location of a Chart 00:07:00
Little Slice of Pie Charts 00:06:00
Excel's Printing Options
Print Preview Options 00:05:00
Excels Page Layout View 00:07:00
Printing a Specific Range of Cells 00:03:00
Converting Spreadsheets to PDF Files 00:03:00
Benefits of Using Excel Templates
Why Create an Excel Template 00:02:00
How to Create an Excel Template 00:06:00
Working with Excel Datasets
How to Prepare Data for Analysis 00:05:00
How to Sort Data in Excel 00:03:00
Multi Level Sorting 00:03:00
Custom Sorting Datasets in Excel 00:03:00
Applying Filters to Datasets 00:05:00
Creating Subtotals within a Dataset 00:06:00
Converting Datasets into Tables 00:06:00
Finding and Removing Duplicate Values 00:08:00
Excel Database Functions
The SUMIF() Function 00:09:00
The DSUM() Function 00:08:00
DSUM() Function Cont 00:08:00
The SUBTOTAL() Function 00:07:00
Excel Data Validation
What is Excel Data Validation? 00:02:00
Creating a Drop Down List with Data Validation 00:08:00
Different Types of Data Validation 00:06:00
Adding Custom Alerts to Data Validation 00:07:00
Creating a Dynamic Drop Down List 00:04:00
Complex Validation – Dependent Drop Down List 00:09:00
Excel PivotTables
Creating an Excel Pivot Table 00:06:00
Modifying Excel Pivot Tables 00:06:00
Grouping and Filtering PivotTable Data 00:07:00
Drilling Down into PivotTable Data 00:02:00
Creating PivotCharts and Utilizing Slicers 00:08:00
Excel's PowerPivot Add-In
What is PowerPivot? 00:04:00
Activating the Excel PowerPivot Add-In 00:02:00
Creating Relationships between Data Tables 00:07:00
Using Data Models to Create PivotTables 00:05:00
How to Create PowerPivot KPI’s 00:09:00
Excel's Conditional Functions
Excel’s IF() Function 00:06:00
IF() Function with AND() Criteria 00:06:00
IF() Function with OR() Criteria 00:06:00
Nesting Multiple IF() Functions 00:08:00
The COUNTIF() Function 00:05:00
Key Benefits of Using Named Ranges 00:05:00
Excel's Lookup Functions
VLOOKUP() Function 00:09:00
The Beauty of Excel’s IFERROR() Function 00:04:00
HLOOKUP() Function 00:07:00
INDEX() Function 00:05:00
MATCH() Function 00:05:00
INDEX() and MATCH() Combined 00:06:00
Two-Way Lookup with INDEX() and MATCH() 00:05:00
Text Based Functions in Excel
LEFT(), RIGHT() and MID() Function 00:08:00
Extracting Specific Text using LEN() and SEARCH() 00:13:00
Combining Text with CONCATENATE() 00:07:00
Quick Tips and Other Text Based Functions 00:06:00
Auditing Formulas and Custom Views in Excel
Tracing Precedents and Dependents in Formulas 00:05:00
Showing Formulas 00:02:00
Grouping Data 00:03:00
3D Referencing in Formulas 00:06:00
Utilizing the Watch Window in Excel 00:03:00
How to Freeze Panes in Excel 00:03:00
Excel’s “What If?” Tools
Excels Scenario Manager Tool 00:06:00
Goal Seek in Excel 00:07:00
Compare Results with Excel Data Tables 00:05:00
Solver Tool 00:11:00
Welcome to Excel VBA!
The Power Behind Excel VBA 00:03:00
A Look Inside the Visual Basic Editor 00:04:00
Recording a Macro 00:10:00
Saving and Opening a Macro Enabled Workbook 00:03:00
The VBA Language
Modules and Procedures 00:07:00
Object Methods and Properties 00:06:00
Excel VBA Variables 00:05:00
Writing VBA Code
Referencing a Range 00:14:00
InputBox and MsgBox 00:06:00
Using Variables in VBA Code 00:05:00
If Then Else Statement 00:11:00
Worksheet Functions inside VBA 00:08:00
Creating User Defined Functions 00:10:00
User Defined Functions within VBA Scripts 00:07:00
Important VBA Tools and Logic
Find Last Row of Data 00:06:00
Find Last Column of Data 00:04:00
With Statement 00:05:00
Debugging and Error Handling 00:07:00
Excel VBA Loops
Debugging and Error Handling Cont 00:07:00
For Next Loop 00:10:00
Do Until Loop 00:07:00
For Each Loop 00:04:00
Triggering Macros
Assigning Macros to Shapes 00:04:00
Form Controls vs ActiveX Controls 00:08:00
Worksheet Events 00:04:00
Workbook Events 00:03:00
Fun with VBA Events 00:07:00
Excel User Forms
Creating an Excel UserForm 00:04:00
Adding Controls to UserForms 00:10:00
How to Show an UserForm 00:04:00
Passing TextBox Values to Desired Cells 00:07:00
Passing Option Buttons Values to Desired Cells 00:07:00
UserForm ComboBoxes 00:09:00
Clearing Values from UserForm Controls 00:04:00
How to Close an UserForm 00:02:00
UserForms and Protected Sheets 00:05:00
Starting a Career in Excel
Creating an Excel Resume 00:05:00
Getting Started with Freelancing 00:07:00
How to Become an Excel Freelancer 00:06:00
Top Freelance Sites 00:06:00
How to Get Your First Client 00:08:00
Personal Branding 00:07:00
Networking Do’s and Don’ts 00:05:00
Importance of Website 00:05:00

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